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Despite another record breaking year of visitors to NYC in 2018, of the 160 million tourists expected to visit this year, many are will not to come any further uptown than Central Park to any history museums or public tours -- largely because the Northern area of Manhattan have been left off 

of most New York City visitors maps.

“Experience the Heights”~ Our tours intend to change this and allow visitors to experience the full richness of the historic and unique communities of Harlem's Sugar Hill and Washington Heights uptown neighborhoods.

The High Bridge is the city’s oldest bridge still standing, built in 1848 to provide fresh water to Manhattan. The High Bridge wasclosed to the public for more than forty-five years. This structure is one of the country's greatest 19th century engineering achievements. A hundred and forty feet above the Harlem River, it was built using the same principles as ancient Roman aqueducts. The fresh water from the High Bridge aqueduct made it possible for the expansion and existence of the NYC we see today. 


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In the mid-1970s, New York City was broke. During this period many of its landmark treasures fell in disrepair and were abandoned for many decades. This was especially true for Northern Manhattan, and restorations were slow to reach this area. It was only after community advocacy efforts did officials begin funding and restoring many of our iconic historic structures. These restorations include there-openingof the High Bridge in the summer of 2015.

“Experience the Heights” - tours are based in the Morris-Jumelhistorical district located in Washington Heights in Northern Manhattan. Our tours are led by local residents who are historians, museum docents and licensed tour guides. Who are all deeply committed to providing all visitors with an historical interpretation that is authentic, personable, fun and a memorable uptown Manhattan, Heights Experience!   

Experience The Heights!

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